A guitar-addict work, with roots in the blues origins, flavoured with unforgettable, smoky vocals, blended with modern sounds and beats. Made with passion.

Composed and recorded by one man, suprises with unique sound. Electryfying guitar tracks and touching,
soulful vocals. 

Enriched with samples of the original Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith…

Unforgettable live vocals by three unique Polish singers:
| the First Blues Lady, Ella Mielczarek,
| the gospel master, Beata Bednarz,
| the sparkling and energetic, Ola Chludek.

A party drive… a gift to guitar maniacs and fans of powerfull vocals…

It’s not made for success.
It’s a true expression of musical inspirations of one man, who does not make it for living, but devotes
his soul for composing, playing and recording.

Commercialy issued “Bootis Connection” [EMI 2005] was preceded by the two privately made albums,
distributed within friends only. Discography of Deltaboo includes also two singles made in 2004 and 2005. 

Deltaboo shares the idea of music recycling, very common, but not always openly admitted by the artists.
This concept assumes that all kind of music is repeatedly made out of bits and sounds already recorded by
someone else in the past. Music is therefore one huge pot full of sound samples mixed every time
differently and with different taste and sense, sometimes with new ingredients. Of course technology
and more easier access to a new / old resources, styles and origins matters a lot in today’s world! 

It may only change in future, when the people won’t need ears to listen to the music…..

  • TOP Guitar

    (...) feel specific mood of smoky cafes and slums smoking rooms. It seems you couldn’t no longer do anything new in blues – this album contradicts this idea. It contains many novelties. Listen to it well, and at every opportunity. I highly recommend it!
    Zbyszek Żak
  • Merlin.pl


    In the era of rap, techno etc. after a long awaiting a music that soothes my shattered nerves by its melodious and beauty came in to my home. If somebody doesn’t know what music is, should reach into his pocket and buy this album, and soon finds out.

  • Merlin.pl


    The best album I have ever listen to. This music soothes my music gear.