blues 1

(..) This music has such an emotional and sonic charge that it is difficult to find an equivalent on our market. Skillful mixes of the blues legendary voices sounds like recorded during one session with modern artists voices [ed. like Elżbieta Mielczarek, Beata Bednarz, Aleksandra Chludek].
Wiesław A. Chmielewski
  • wprost

    I like the cowboy style mood on this album. Sometimes (for example Piyoo or Maciek) Deltaboo sounds like Morcheba. A lot of black blues, white rock, as tears well up in the eyes.
    Polak Poleca
  • TOP Guitar

    (...) feel specific mood of smoky cafes and slums smoking rooms. It seems you couldn’t no longer do anything new in blues – this album contradicts this idea. It contains many novelties. Listen to it well, and at every opportunity. I highly recommend it!
    Zbyszek Żak


    In the era of rap, techno etc. after a long awaiting a music that soothes my shattered nerves by its melodious and beauty came in to my home. If somebody doesn’t know what music is, should reach into his pocket and buy this album, and soon finds out.